Bonza Head best

Greyhounds and Lurchers come in all sorts of colours. Brindle is just one variation. Ranging from silver to ebony

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Minty head
Tia head 1
Merry head,front

Brindles vary from silver to ebony. Only a small selection here. From the left, Tia (red brindle) has a home and so does Minty (dark brindle) Merry (light brindle) homed in Jan. 07. Below are Tim and Nina Jane companions for three years until he passed away.

Red Brindle head
New Camera End of August 083
Merry Standing
Minty standing 2
Minty standing
Flyn 23

FLYNN (Returnee after 6 years)
Placed in permanent foster Care, Vet care funded by Greyhound Welfare. Suffered with his nasal passages but otherwise a happy boy. Sadly lost his battle in
January 2007.
Please see
Flynn's Story

Flyn 2 X Noses
Minnie standing

  BONZA The Gent (again) on the left and MILLIE on the right.