Our Colleague Sue Sellick in Bristol asked if we had a few photos of Indy that showed her doing something other than "chewing" Neil's knees
when she first arrived.
We managed a few while
she was still at his kennels
but Stephen and Kate got
much better shots while
she was in their care.

Indy smiling
whippet x 3
Indy all over now
Indy not ready
Indy almost there

Life improved for Indy when she went to stay with whippet buddies.

Indy Ouch
Indy being a long dog
Indy and whippet friend

Nice garden, time to stretch out and be a "long dog" ... might as well have a munch as well

Indy Nice here 1
Indy, nice here

Great settees and plenty of room for three .. or four .. or more

Ind, Kate and whippets
Indy and Steve

 Got one of those human types all to myself

  A little "me" time is always good. No one on this bed ... wonder whose it is ?