Kizzie 2 head

In the meantime, Jackie and the Foster Carer kept in touch. Arrangements were finally made and Kizzie was adopted on Thursday 17th May. Although very wary she is a sweet natured girl and was impervious to the cats. She began to settle nicely into her life in Usk with visits to the family business at Brooklands Garden Centre, Raglan whenever Jackie went along to assist.

Tuesday 22nd May
There's a quiet lane at the side of the Centre that leads to the fields beyond and Kizzie was on her third outing in the lane when suddenly, at 3.15pm she pulled away and Jackie lost hold of her lead. As Jackie bent to pick up the lead poor nervy Kizzie made off into the right hand fork of the lane and disappeared.
Possibly lured by the semi-wild life of her youth amongst the woods, fields and livestock of a rural area.

  We all began searching for her

Kizzie 1