Rehomed by Many Tears. Feb. 06

Shadow head 2
Storm, head
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Bonza Head best

Stride was estimated to be 12 years old when he was adopted from the Dogs Trust. (then NCDL) Within a few months he had lost most of his sight but enjoyed life with his Lurcher house-mate Lassie. Over the next five years the two friends were often seen in Cowbridge and Bridgend on Street Collections or Open Days raising funds for both Dogs Trust and Greyhound Welfare.
These photos were taken at Cosmeston Lake, Penarth, in 2003.  
On the left, cooling off in the shallow water in the summer of and on the right, taking break with Lassie and his owners at the September BBQ later in the year
Sadly passed away aged 17 in August 2005 within a few weeks of Lassie also aged 17.

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Daisy-Great Dane Cross
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Old Tim Head

Tim was adopted at the age of 9 and was soon joined by 8 year old house-mate Nina Jane. A look-a-like silver-faced lady.

He was still active and enjoying life at 11 but suffered a slow deterioration during the following year.
He succumbed to the severe arthritis that sometimes takes a hold on dogs that have been kennelled for most of their lives and sadly passed away aged 12 in 2004.


Photo from our Easter Sunday Walk at Vassall Park, Bristol 16.4.06.

These four dogs have been in their homes for between 3 and 6 years
From the left. Minstrel 10 yrs returned after 18 mths by a divorcing couple now happily settled in Avon.
Cleo 8 yrs straight from her owner and Jane 9 yrs from Avalon, the Galway Sanctuary ........ apparently via Limerick Auctions and destined for Spain ...... Both now settled in Newport.
Alongside Prince, 9 yrs. straight from his Trainer and now settled in Aberdare with a Welsh Collie Buddy.