Indy all over now

SPARXS ( three quarter greyhound / saluki ) IN THE PONTYPOOL AREA NOW HAS FEMALE COMPANY IN THE FORM OF GRW GIRL STACEY. More pics to hand.
Tel 01633 892846 email
Although neither are likely to be going far in the future

Sparks n Stacey indoors
sparks 016
Lily Lurcher head 2
Shadowfax (1) resized
Sally cropped
Lady Lace alone

Little and Large

Staffie / whippet
On the left.
Approx 20 ins at the shoulder


Borzoi / greyhound
On the right
Approx 31 ins at the shoulder


Lurcher Blue at dog show
Lily Lurcher best
Shadow on Sunday Walk. Ted in background (2)
Matthew @ Many Tears
Ted head best

Simba's Story (3/4 greyhound/saluki)
The "history" we got on arrival. Adopted at 6 mths from RSPCA ... one of a litter of 12 found in a box.
Change of circumstances meant a "shift" between family members and then a final admission of defeat. He was then 4 yrs old and went into permanent foster care with Greyhound Welfare volunteers.
UPDATE 13.12.08
After 8 months in foster care, and apparently, at the peak of health and vigour, he suddenly collapsed in the family garden ... the last time he had freedom of movement. X-rays taken on the following day showed the last three discs in his spine had fused and others were crumbling.
A previously undetectale "time bomb" that had been waiting to take away the use of his back legs.
Many, many thanks to Dave and Julie for all the love and care he enjoyed for too brief a time. R.I.P.
Greyhound Welfare. Tel 01633 892846 email

Lurcher blaze standing
Simba lying down
Indy head