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Flyn in road

Photos taken in May 2006

July 06. This condition is apparently more common in cattle and birds and if anyone has the same problem we're in an ideal position to advise and reassure and pass on what we have learned. Caution needed; it's zoonotic. We can get it and so can pets in close proximity. Flynn is now happily settled in permanent foster care with experienced owners in Ebbw Vale and new pictures of his improved appearance are in the pipeline.

Flyn 2 X Noses

 July 06

One nostril was particularly affected and the x-ray showed damage to the bone structure of his skull.
Please see the close-up. The gloop is most persistent
July - Aug. 06
Hopefully the growth of the fungus has now been halted and Flynn will have quite a few happy years in front of him. Coat is beginning to shine.
Eating like a horse but not putting on weight
Sept - Oct
More tests. Tumour suspected but not confirmed.
Abcess between shoulder blades responded to treatment
Nov. 06
No more Nizoral. Still leading a normal family life
and eating well but not much weight gain

Crickhowell 06

 Photo taken June 06

Never mind the medical details. Where there is life there is hope. In spite of his problems Flynn is a brave boy with a spring in his step and a wag in his tail. See if you can spot the little chap on a day out at Crickhowell Dog Show. Happy just to be "one of the boys" and doing well on Nizoral (expensive but effective)

Flyn standing head 500

Jan. 07
The fungus has won.
Flynn suffered a stroke on Sunday 7th. Massive bleeding from nose, mouth and eyes. No options left.
Sadly PTS, lying on his own duvet with his head in his foster mum's lap.
Reluctant goodbye to a brave, sweet soul.

For further information please contact Greyhound Welfare and Rescue
Telephone 01633 892846