Twiggy head

Progress in Pictures as Twiggy gets Better

Twiggy was handed in to Gelligaer pound in November 2008. Caerphilly Council spent over £800.00 on her care while she "sat out" the seven days and then started trying to place her. Greyhound Welfare collected her on 17th. We believe her condition has resulted from long term ignorance and a poor level of care since she is a happy bunny and shows no signs of mental trauma. She has very little fur on her legs and pressure sore on most boney bits other that the pin bones and weighs in at 22.5kg
when 25 - 26 should be an ideal
weight for her height

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Twiggy in FC walking out cropped

Pics on the left show both sides of her sore legs. A week later Twiggy spends a weekend with lurcher boy Simba .. and wears his coat.
He's not too sure about this!
Many thanks to Dave and Julie for joining our "foster care loop"

Twiggy other side pressure sores crop
Twiggy in FC
Twiggy in FC 2

Simba shows Twiggy he's a mummy's boy and she tries the same pose