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Why are there always more male greyhounds than females waiting for new homes?

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  A bit more Maths

Greyhound litters usually number 8 - 10 and a breeder
will be lucky if 5 or 6 complete their training successfully
and achieve "racer status"
A rough estimate would put Bob's non-racing siblings
at around 2,688.

The calculation was .... 6720 divided by 10
(the size of a large litter)
and multiplied by 4
(reasonable number of unsuccessful racers) = 2,688
Add 6,720 and 2,688 for a total of 9,408
Which means that Bob actually has 9,408 brothers and sisters.
Max. pictured above, is a son of Spiral Nikita with 5,968 siblings .... and the trail begins again.

Our system is quite generous because some litters only produce one or two successful racers.
If we go back to Bob and his dad, Top Honcho, we can estimate that a further 1,908 greyhounds were born but didn't make it to the tracks.
Which means that Bob's father has a slightly smaller total of 6,677 brothers and sisters.

Young Bob, therefore, has around 9,408 half brothers and sisters and 6,677 uncles and aunties. Or just over 16,000 close relatives.
Max has only just arrived and we're still doing sums for him but these figures are by no means unnusual.

Max front